CompTIA A+ 2012 Online Learning and Exam Practice

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Duration: 200 Hours
Delivery: Online
Code: F285

CompTIA A+ 2012 Online Learning and Exam Practice Outline

This course is intended for students wishing to qualify with CompTIA A+ Certification for PC Support professionals. It is also suitable for students wanting to improve their skills in PC support and administration. This course will particularly benefit students pursuing a career in supporting desktop personal computer users, in job roles such as Support Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Desktop Engineer, Computer Administrator, or PC Support Analyst. Study of the course can also help to prepare for other, similar technical support qualifications and act as groundwork for more advanced training, including CompTIA Network+ or CompTIA Server+.

Ideally, you should have some basic experience of using a PC. Specifically, it is recommended that you have the following skills and knowledge before starting this course:

  • Use a keyboard and mouse
  • Recognize the main components of a PC and different data media such as USB drives and DVDs
  • Start the computer and navigate the Desktop
  • Use Windows Explorer to create directories and subdirectories; and manage files
  • Use Internet Explorer to view websites


Maximum Completion Time:

12 months

CompTIA A+ 2012 Online Learning and Exam Practice is a great value “Integrated Learning” product that will prepare you for CompTIA exam:220-801, 220-802. Fully supported with Professor Messer’s video training, dynamic exam practice tests and approved as CompTIA Official, CompTIA A+ 2012 Online Learning and Exam Practice is the only study tool you will need.


Freestyle Live Practice Labs

The A+ Practice-Lab will provide you with the necessary platform to gain hands on skills in Microsoft desktop operating systems, as covered in exam 220-802. By completing the lab tasks you will improve your practical skills in System Administration, User Account Management, Disk Management, File Management, Application Management, Device Management, System Management Utilities, Windows Maintenance Tasks and many more using Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Vista and Microsoft Windows XP operating systems.


In addition to the content for CompTIA A+, you will receive:

1) Integrated Learning

Professor Messer has long been a web hero for CompTIA students and has provided video-based training courses for CompTIA certifications. With professionally-produced lessons covering the full exam objectives and online forums, Professor Messer is a trusted online source for exam information. Now, Professor Messer videos are an integral component in the learning product. Each topic is covered in the course content with an embedded video offering further instruction. This method of learning reinforces retention and ensures that each subject is taught both with a virtual instructor and from a fully referenced course book, whether the student is learning in the classroom or through self study.

2) Dyanamic Exam Practice and Testing

New generation exam practice brings a new dimension to assessment tests. Through our new student support site, you will get access to hundreds of questions relevant to your certification. Get it wrong and you will be able to see the exact content in the courseware as well as link directly to Professor Messer’s training video for that subject.


On course completion, students will be able to:

  • Identify types and characteristics of PC and laptop components, including motherboard, CPU, memory, and storage, input, and output devices
  • Install and configure peripheral devices and system components
  • Install and configure print devices
  • Install and configure wired and wireless LAN links and internet access devices
  • Perform basic PC maintenance while working safely and responsibly
  • Communicate effectively with customers
  • Install and configure Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Microsoft Windows 7
  • Manage and optimize Windows using command line tools and administrative consoles
  • Configure and manage users, groups, and shared resources in a typical SOHO network
  • Use anti-virus tools to prevent and recover from malware infections
  • Configure access control measures, such as authentication, security policy, encryption, and firewalls
  • Diagnose and resolve Windows, PC hardware, network, and printer troubleshooting scenarios
  • Configure mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets

CompTIA A+ 2012 Online Learning and Exam Practice

Statement of AchievementPlease enquire for prices and more information
Duration: 200 Hours
Delivery: Online
Code: F285